Saturday, October 07, 2006

FreeBSD support

Asio has now been tested successfully on FreeBSD 6.0, and should support FreeBSD 5.5 and later. FreeBSD 5.4 and earlier are not supported since, according to the man pages, getaddrinfo is not thread-safe.


Alexander Nasonov said...

That's cool! I played with it on my FreeBSD.
I also tried it on OpenBSD. It didn't compile because ECANCELED is not defined. I changed it to something else and some samples worked! I noticed that some examples use boost.threads but they can also run in single-threaded mode. Since OpenBSD's gcc is single-threaded, I suggest not to force multi-threading where not required.
I should have posted it to boost-devel but I never have time to prepare a patch.

chris said...

Hi Alexander,

I suspect that the right place to define ECANCELED (if it's not otherwise defined) is in boost/cerrno.hpp. It's supposed to be available under POSIX anyway.

I'm not familiar with bjam stuff, but I'll see what I can do with the threading stuff in the build. Probably after I release asio 0.3.8 though.

Melissa Falbo said...

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