Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's this all about?

Greetings, reader. I have a blog. Now what? Well, the plan is to post ideas, tips and tricks, design thoughts, and anything else related to C++, Boost.Asio and programming that happens to take my interest.


Kevin said...

Hello Chris,

First off, thank you for the asio library. I didn't have much experience with network programming, and your library helped abstract away the OS details to more easily understand the concepts. Now that I've got the basics, I've had to dig into the heart of your windows implementation.

Similar to other very general libraries, have you thought of allowing custom allocators for the OVERLAPPED derived classes (and any other allocated instances)? I understand this may not be possible while maintaining an OS agnostic interface, but it would be helpful for what I'm trying to achieve.

Again, thank you for your hard work.

chris said...

Hi Kevin,

Yep, asio already supports custom allocation of these temporary structures.
I suggest downloading the boost_asio 0.3.8 release candidate from here and having a look at the documentation under Design -> Custom Memory Allocation. You can see it in use in the 'allocation' example.

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin said...

Ah yes. Should not have doubted that something so useful would be missing.
After posting, I came across this example for asio 0.3.7 here

Thanks and good luck with tr2.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog. Keep up the good work. I'm working hard to get my HTTP implementation working well on ASIO.

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